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The first step in the SDA process is actually identifying participants that may be eligible for the SDA funding. Support Co-Ordinators are in the best position to be able to do this through the network of their own clients who they provide supports to or through other avenues within the disability sector.

How to make SDA financially viable

To make the SDA dwelling financially viable, it is often common for 2 or more participants to be grouped together within the same home. It is crucial for the participant to either know their potential co-tenants before the relocation or feel comfortable with the participant that has been recommended to share an ongoing living arrangement with them. Often different participants will have different Support Co-Ordinators so working in alongside these professionals ensures that all the right information is collated for each participant and the dwelling is built functionally for all parties involved.

Liveable Homes Australia helps you meet your client's needs and deliver an SDA project easily and to the exact living needs of the participant.

Jesse Zielke - LHA Director

We ensure everyone is connected and moving forward

Liaising with support co-ordinators is paramount to the success of delivering quality SDA. Knowing what our participants require, what their funding allows and what they would personally like to contribute to their new home is vital information that ensures quality and viable SDA. Having a good relationship with support co-ordinators means that everybody is working towards the same goal and the path of least resistance is taken.

Because there are so many entities involved in the SDA sector, it’s easy for everybody to focus on their own role but lose sight of the end game. LHA acts as the driving force that ensures the process stays on track.

Why Liveable Homes Australia?
  • We look after the entire process - land, build & approvals & ongoing management.
  • Approved NDIS SDA Providers.
  • Owners run an award-winning building company: JRZ Homes
  • Licenced builders and proven developers.
  • Housing tailored to suit your client's exact living needs
  • Peace of mind that your client and you are dealing with the provider, builder, project manager and landlord.

Ready to help your participant get the SDA accommodation they need?

LHA acts as the driving force that ensures the process stays on track so that all you have to do is support your participant, while we take care of all the heavy lifting.