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All of the participants that we engage to build SDA for will have a Supported Independent Living allowance within their NDIS plan.

S.I.L Providers are also able to identify participants who may be eligible for SDA funding and may already be aware of participants that have already applied. Linking those participants with an SDA Provider that will build what they need in a location of the participants choosing it is a huge benefit for all involved parties. LHA already works closely with a small number of reputable S.I.L Providers across Queensland which is proving to be hugely beneficial as we are all now part of a team that has produced, and will continue producing, successful SDA projects.

Working with SIL Providers for maximum support

You, the SIL Provider, play a huge role when it comes to designing and delivering quality SDA. Working alongside SIL Providers ensures that the homes are built with participants’ supports in mind; once again safeguarding viability and ensuring complete functionality for both participants and their supports right from the get-go. The knowledge that you bring to the project allows us to design SDA that is going to support and improve our participants’ quality of life not only initially but well into the future.

Get the following outcomes for your client's so that they can live independently

  • High standard of living that is tailored to their exact living needs
  • Independence and community connection, by living close to key things that will allow them to make their own decisions. 
  • A safe home that both protects and gives them the comfort they need. 

We regularly work in with SIL Providers to establish SDA funding timeframes as well as mediate with participants and their families, linking both SIL and SDA goals ensuring the dwelling adheres to all levels of support and co-ordination. The ongoing relationship between LHA as property managers and the SIL Provider means that we are putting systems in place right from the design stage that will carry on into the tenancy of the dwelling, giving peace of mind to participants and their families that their best interests aren’t only implemented, but that are maintained as well.

Why Liveable Homes Australia?
  • We look after the entire process - land, build & approvals & ongoing management.
  • Approved NDIS SDA Providers.
  • Owners run an award-winning building company: JRZ Homes
  • Licenced builders and proven developers.
  • Housing tailored to suit your client's exact living needs
  • Peace of mind that your client and you are dealing with the provider, builder, project manager and landlord.

Get in touch to get the correct accommodation for your clients

We work closely with SIL providers Queensland wide and are looking for more trusted people to collaborate with.