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Submitting the SDA Report is probably one of the most important parts of the whole SDA process. If this isn’t done properly or not clear and concise in regards to the desired outcome, then the funding allocated may not align with the design needs of the participant.

We have seen this happen in the past, which is why we like to be included in consultation with the OT writing the report before it is submitted, to discuss the desired outcome and level of funding the participant will need.

We can help OT’s:

  • Drive the SDA and AT Reports towards a certain outcome/level of funding so that our participants have the best possible chance of securing eligibility.

Working toward every possible future

A large part of delivering quality SDA is ensuring all future provisions are known and catered for. Working alongside Allied Health Professionals allows us to include specific present/future requirements of the participant that may not be included in their SDA funding. Things like ceiling hoists, grab rails and customised sanitary facilities are all examples of Assistive Technology that LHA can help provide quotes on and install throughout the build to ensure timely completion of a turn-key package. There may even be specific requirements that need the home needs to be designed around that won’t be paid for by the standard SDA Funding, but that the participant either needs or would benefit greatly from having.

Knowing these details at the design stage allows us to incorporate such features into the design of the home rather than wait until the end and having to try to fit these features in somewhere and have them installed by another provider. This means less impact on the participants and a much smoother process for all involved stakeholders.

Why Liveable Homes Australia?
  • We look after the entire process - land, build & approvals & ongoing management.
  • Approved NDIS SDA Providers.
  • Owners run an award-winning building company: JRZ Homes
  • Licenced builders and proven developers.
  • Housing tailored to suit your client's exact living needs
  • Peace of mind that your client and you are dealing with the provider, builder, project manager and landlord.

Ready to get the best outcomes for participants?

We specialise in working with OT's so that participants have the best possible chance of securing eligibility.