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Jesse Zielke - Director

LHA, established in late 2016 by Jesse Zielke, provides SDA which is designed and constructed to suit clients who are looking to transition into more suitable living setting, improve their independence and build skills.

Jesse has had family members and friends affected by disability and as a result understands how much of an impact this type of housing solution can have on a participants life, their families life and also those who deliver the day to day care.

As a Developer, Builder and SDA provider Jesse has a wealth of knowledge regarding SDA and the entire process from the initial meeting with a participant and their family/supports through to design, construction, investment and management in SDA.

Jesse was lucky enough to be selected as an NDIS SDA Reference group member in 2021 where he volunteers his time to provide feedback directly to the NDIA to ensure outcomes for PWD are improved in the SDA sector.


Dan Hardy - Business Development Manager

Dan has worked in the construction industry since 2008 and has a passion for building quality homes. He loved his years on the tools, learning from the best and becoming a quality tradesman. He showed in early interest in management and became the first JRZ Homes construction project manager in 2014. He stayed in that position,  creating and implementing new systems and helping JRZ achieve the title of Bundaberg’s biggest builder for 5 years running. When Jesse started Liveable Homes Australia to help transition people with severe disabilities into more suitable accommodation, Dan was Jesse’s first choice for the role of Business Development Manager. This role has an extremely broad scope, and the experience Dan has accumulated through his previous roles ensures he understands all the construction/design requirements as well as the complexities of tenancy matching and provider co-ordination. 

Together, Jesse and Dan have seen more than 20 participants transitioned from unsuitable accommodation into purpose built homes that improve not only their independence, but also their quality of life.