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We take a holistic approach to ensure that you, our participants’, are not only supported through appropriately designed SDA, but enjoy where you live as well.

Right from initial conversations, LHA can advise and guide you through the process of applying for SDA, linking you with appropriate supports if you do not yet have any, such as SIL Providers and Allied Health Professionals. This ensures that you, as the participant, are maximising your chances of securing the SDA funding needed in as timely a manner as possible.

Location of your home is everything

Location of the dwelling is discussed with your and your families so we can provide the most convenient and appropriate place of residence to suit your needs.

Whether it’s close to:

  • parks and amenities;
  • shopping centres and public transport;
  • or somewhere a bit quieter and out of the way;

We source and purchase the right block of land giving your control over where you live.

Design & build

During the design process, we use the NDIS SDA Design Standards as a starting point for what the home MUST include, but we then encourage our participants to give feedback and guidance on anything that they believe would be unsuitable, or if something should be included to make life easier. All of our homes are built to be as “homely” as possible to reduce the “institutional” aspect that many of our participants are trying to leave behind them. Once approved by you and your participant supports are gained, we will then begin construction as soon as the land settles.

During construction, you are kept informed of the build progress via a weekly update through email that includes photos and a brief description of what progress was gained through the week and what is booked in to be completed the following week. This gives everybody a feeling of inclusion as well as ensures the build schedule is being met, if not exceeded.

Completion & next steps

Upon completion of the build, we then move into the property management aspect of LHA. Being licensed property managers, we take care of all tenancies and have a dedicated property manager that will be available to you to support you with any questions or queries along the way. An RTA rooming agreement is signed for a period of occupancy and you will only be required to pay 25% of the Disability Service Pension fortnightly as rent for the home. A service agreement is also signed between the participant and LHA which then allows us to claim the funding allocated to each participant through the NDIS Portal.

Why Liveable Homes Australia?
  • We look after the entire process - land, build & approvals & ongoing management.
  • Approved NDIS SDA Providers.
  • Owners run an award-winning building company: JRZ Homes
  • Licenced builders and proven developers.
  • Housing tailored to suit your exact living needs
  • Peace of mind that you are dealing with the provider, builder, project manager and landlord.

Ready to get the standard of living you deserve?

We manage the entire process and ensure you are not only supported through design and build stage but through the entire process including ongoing management of your property.