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Specialist Disability Accommodation or SDA is for people who have an extreme functional impairment or very high support needs. 

The NDIS SDA payment is funded purely for the dwelling itself and does not include funding for carers. SIL (Supported Independent Living) payments would cover this and would be discussed in a separate area of your plan.

At Liveable Homes Australia, we bring together all parties to design, finance, project manage, construct and property manage complex long- term secured housing tailored to each individual’s needs, ensuring you are given the proper housing suitability. We own and manage all of our own properties giving you peace of mind knowing who the landlord of the property is. 


The NDIS will provide about 460,000 Australians under the age of 65 with a permanent and significant disability with the reasonable and necessary supports they need to live an ordinary life.

NDIS participants now have control of where they would like to live as well as how they would like to be cared for. The NDIS is aiming to offer effective and efficient support for the 6% of NDIS participants identified with the most complex needs.

LHA will work alongside the participants, their families, support workers, support providers and health professionals to ensure that all requirements are met on an individual basis.

Provider / Co-ordinator

As a support coordinator or SIL provider working along-side and collaborating with LHA as the SDA Provider ensures that your organisation is aligned with a provider who has a genuine passion for the participants and their families. We understand the monumental change that this type of housing brings to the participant and their families. We pride ourselves on the information we provide all parties which allows for an informed decision to be made when it comes to housing options. 

Our model is risk-free for all participants and organisations as there are no 'locked-in' agreements, which allows for full choice and control.

NDIS support co-ordinators, where funded, play a critical role in supporting participants to determine which dwellings to apply for, location and also who the participants could be potentially living with. As a co-ordinator you may be required to assist in the negotiation of SDA offers, providing accurate and current information about their support needs and preferences in an application for a modified building.

As an SDA provider, we are here to educate and collaborate with the SIL Providers and/or co-ordinators to get the best possible outcome for the participant to find independent living.

Contact us about our SDA Education Seminars that we are happy to provide free of charge to your organisation, your participants and their families.

What’s currently available?

Contact our friendly team to find out what we have planned or what is currently under-construction in your area.

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