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LHA has the capacity to deliver SDA right across Australia. We own a reputable building company that is well versed in SDA construction and have the knowledge and ability to build SDA to the highest standard in an impressive timeframe.

Being the largest builder of residential housing in Bundaberg for the last 5 years in a row, JRZ Homes has the systems and processes in place to ensure that your projects are delivered on time and on budget. We understand the ins and outs of building and have a dedicated team that ensures every aspect of the build is considered and allowed for throughout the entire process. We pride ourselves on our ability to forecast potential areas of concern and our ability to navigate our clients towards an outcome that will leave them in a position where they are getting the best value for money.

Proven experience and collaboration

The collaboration between LHA and JRZ makes us an unrivalled team that can produce quality and viable SDA like no other. LHA’s vast knowledge of the SDA sector means that we can help to identify participants through our established relationships to bring developers the best ROI. We can give feedback on design based on what we know works, help gather all relevant building approvals, ensure the plans will achieve both provisional and final SDA compliance, construct the project keeping developers informed thought the process, ensure dwelling enrollment and finally manage the properties as licensed property managers.

This gives developers peace of mind knowing the entire package is executed by one governing entity that has complete control of the whole process. This leaves little room for error or uncertainty and maximises profit for the investor as well as a better product and quality of life for the participants. We insist on taking a holistic approach to SDA because at the end of the day, relocating participants into more suitable accommodation, that is going to improve their quality of life, is our bottom line.

Why Liveable Homes Australia?
  • We look after the entire process - land, build & approvals & ongoing management.
  • Approved NDIS SDA Providers.
  • Owners run an award-winning building company: JRZ Homes
  • We're licenced builders and have worked with many developers
  • Housing tailored to the exact living needs of the tenants.

Get your SDA project underway by a proven building team

Your SDA project will be delivered by one governing entity that has complete control of the whole process. Now that's peace of mind.